The GrainiGo for corn allows customers to assess raw material quality and trends, compare performance and store data for future analysis and traceability.
Photos courtesy of Bühler.
MILAN, ITALY — Bühler is presenting more than 20 digital services during the Ipack-Ima trade show in Milan, Italy, May 29-June 1.

These solutions contribute to Bühler’s goal of slashing energy consumption and waste in the food chain by 30% by 2020, the company said. They are designed to make food safer, to save energy, and to prevent waste.

Buhler CEO Johannes Wick
Johannes Wick, chief executive officer of Bühler’s Grains & Food business

“Digitalization is unlocking an enormous potential in the food processing industry,” said Johannes Wick, chief executive officer of Bühler’s Grains & Food business. “This is only the very beginning of a transformation of the entire industry. Recently, we established our first team of data analytics experts. Our goal is to help advance digital transformation in our industries.”

Among the digital solutions, Bühler has launched two image-processing IoT solutions, GrainiGo for corn and TotalSense for rice. The solutions allow the customers to assess raw material quality and trends, compare performance, and store data for future analysis and traceability.

With PastaSense, pasta makers are now able to monitor the entire process from raw materials to the end product on the basis of sensor technology, eliminating the need for costly manual checks and records. More information about Bühler’s digital solutions can be found here.

“We now have the capability to connect more than 85% of our solutions to the cloud,” said Ian Roberts, chief technology officer at Bühler. “We are convinced that digital technologies are key to deliver on our promise of achieving a 30% reduction of waste and energy consumption in the food value chain.”

 Bühler also is showcasing its LumoVision optical sorting technology at the Ipack Ima. The new generation of optical sorter launched late April at the Hannover Messe in Germany together with technology leader Microsoft.

Buhler LumoVision
Bühler’s LumoVision sorters use ultraviolet cameras and sensors to reduce aflatoxin contamination in maize.
LumoVision is, for the first time, able to identify and sort out corn that has been contaminated with aflatoxin. Around 500 million people are at risk of regular exposure to aflatoxin, which is one of the most toxic organic substances of the world. It contributes to more than 150,000 cases of liver cancer per year and to stunting in millions of children every year. Special ultraviolet cameras and sensors enable LumoVision sorters to reduce aflatoxin contamination in maize by up to 90%. Bühler has partnered with Microsoft, using its Azure cloud technology to help estimate contamination risk of raw material and to maximize productivity. Find out morehere.

Bühler continues to address the major challenges and trends of the food processing industry with its collaborative Bühler Networking Days series at the Ipack Ima.

Leading industry representatives and experts from Bühler focus their attention on hotly debated topics such as hygienic design, traceability in the food value chain, food fraud, alternative proteins, and digitized value chains. Sign up for the sessions and find more information here.