John Brunner Manildra Flour Mill manager
According to media reports, John Brunner, manager of the Manildra flour mill, said the explosion occurred in the storage area. 
Photo courtesy of the Manildra Group via its Facebook page.
GLADESVILLE,  NEW SOUTH WALES, AUSTRALIA — Manildra Flour Mill restarted operations at its flour mill in central west New South Wales on May 21, two days after an explosion injured one employee and damaged a section of the mill. 

John Brunner, manager of the Manildra flour mill, met with media on May 21 stating, “the flour and bakery supply has not been impacted. “

According to media reports, Brunner said the explosion occurred in the storage area. The cause of the incident is still unknown, but Brunner expects the cause to be known by the end of the week.

“Our primary concern is the safety of our employees and the local community, all employees were immediately evacuated from the site and are accounted for,” Manildra noted in a Facebook post. “One employee obtained a minor injury and was treated at the scene. Emergency services were deployed and the incident has been contained. Manildra Group is working with emergency services, and the cause of the incident is unclear at this stage.”

The Manildra mill is located in central west NSW. The mill grinds wheat to produce a full range of flours, from low-protein biscuit flours and protein-enriched flours through to household and baker’s flours and specialty flours.

The Manildra mill is one of four owned by the Manildra Group. Together all four mills process over one million tonnes of wheat.

The Manildra Group is a family-owned Australian group of agribusiness companies. The company’s product range includes supplying industries from food to pharmacy, fuel and energy, building to brewing and more.