Pipeline Foods
MINNEAPOLIS, MINNESOTA, U.S. – Pipeline Foods, a supply chain developer with a focus on non-GMO and organic grains, oilseeds and ingredients, has launched Farm Profit Program. The new program was developed to help farmers capitalize on the opportunity to diversify and increase profitability through organic, regenerative production practices, the company said.

“The Farm Profit Program will help to substantially increase the number of organic grain producing acres in the U.S.,” said Erin Heitkamp, managing director of strategy, sustainability and assurance at Pipeline Foods, who oversees the Farm Profit Program. “Currently, the majority of organic grain consumed in the U.S. is imported. There’s a huge lack of resources to help farmers realize the pride and profitability that come with organic and regenerative farming practices, and Pipeline Foods can help farmers overcome these barriers.”

Anders Gurda leader of Agronomy Solutions for Farm Profit Program
Anders Gurda

Anders Gurda, who previously managed an outreach program focused on organic grain production at the University of Wisconsin – Madison, has been hired to lead agronomy solutions for the Farm Profit Program.

“Anders has deep expertise in research and program management focused on organic and sustainable farming systems,” Heitkamp said. “We’re thrilled to have him join the Pipeline Foods team, where his unique knowledge and experience in coalescing resources and building community will be invaluable.”

The Pipeline Foods Farm Profit Program offers the following services:
Economic programs – Budget-based economic support recognizing the economic challenges that can be experienced during the conventional-to-organic transition period
Marketing – Customized marketing arrangements for all Certified Transitional and marketable organic crops
Crop insurance – Help navigating the organic crop insurance program
Agronomic support – A three-year agronomic plan and customized, in-person advice from organic experts during the transition and beyond certification
Access to inputs and equipment – Access to regionally-proven, highest value seed, fertilizer, and equipment
Certification support – In-person advice on achieving and retaining organic certification
Community – Opportunities to connect with other local, interested and successful organic farmers and the larger Pipeline Nation of farmers

The Farm Profit Program will have central operations out of Pipeline Foods headquarters in Minneapolis, as well as a regional office based in Malden, Missouri, U.S. Pipeline Foods plans to add additional regional offices across the United States in 2018.