Perdue Grain Tanks
SALISBURY, MARYLAND, U.S. — Perdue AgriBusiness’s 862 associates achieved a safety milestone by working more than two million hours without experiencing an Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) recordable lost-time case. Counting toward the milestone began in September 2016.

“It’s important to recognize that it’s our associates’ daily focus on workplace safety that makes this type of accomplishment possible,” said Dick Willey, president of Perdue AgriBusiness. “At Perdue, each of us has a personal stake in workplace safety. This milestone also reflects a company commitment to involve our associates in creating a safe and productive work environment. Many of our locations are remote operations, such as grain elevators, with a dozen or fewer associates, so safety has to be part of our culture that carries down to each individual.”

In August, Perdue received multiple work safety awards. The Joint Industry Safety and Health Council has recognized Perdue with more awards than any other poultry company for consistently implementing innovative and effective workplace safety health processes and systems. Twenty-five Perdue facilities in 11 states, including 11 of the company’s 16 food-producing plants, received awards at the 2017 National Safety Conference for the Poultry Industry.

Perdue AgriBusiness associates work at 64 locations across 13 states, including grain receiving and storage, feed-ingredient blending, soy crushing, seed-oil processing and refining facilities, and in administrative and maintenance positions.

Perdue said it has a standard, companywide safety program that encourages active associate participation and input. Associates are encouraged to identify all potential hazards as well as perform safety inspections before the start-up of production. Every associate participates in ongoing safety awareness training.