CBH said that it has received 16 million tonnes of grain as of Dec. 30.
WEST PERTH, AUSTRALIA —The CBH Group said on Dec. 30 that it received a record-breaking haul from Western Australian growers in 2016-17, surpassing the 15.86-million-tonne harvest from the 2013-14 season.

CBH Group General Manager Operations David Capper said this year’s largest harvest in history has been a rollercoaster for many growers.

“With exceptional rainfall and growing conditions during the season, crops were set up to be some of the best many growers had experienced in their farming careers,” Capper said. “Optimism for a record crop was dashed with frosts in August and September causing significant crop damage for many regions. This presented the industry a real challenge in trying to understand the expected size of the crop. It’s fantastic to see yields have surpassed expectations in non-frost affected areas and the crop has come in thick and fast, delivering the state the largest grain harvest in history.”

Capper said CBH appreciates the grower’s patience in regards to sites filling early and additional segregations like coarse grains placed extra pressure on the sites. CBH said that it has received 16 million tonnes of grain as of Dec. 30.

“A harvest of this size is a testament to the innovative and resilient grain growers of Western Australia and CBH is proud to operate their storage and handling network for their benefit,” Capper said. “I would also like to thank the CBH team for all their hard work and commitment to bringing this crop in and doing everything they can to keep services alive for growers.”