SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA — The 2017 Australian Grain Industry Conferences (AGIC) will be held in Vietnam for the first time, as well as China and Melbourne, Australia. The AGIC is hosted by Grain Trade Australia (GTA), Australian Oilseeds Federation (AOF) and Pulse Australia (PA).

The AGIC Asia conference series will be held March 7, 2017, in Ho Chi Min City, Vietnam, and March 9, 2017, in Shanghai, China.

“The AGIC Asia conferences are an important part of the global grains industry calendar and showcase the latest developments in the Australian grains industry,” said Pat O’Shannassy, GTA chief executive officer.  “It also provides the opportunity for the Australian industry to provide its customers with valuable insights into the quality of Australian grain and how to optimize its performance in end-use consumer products.”  

AGIC Asia has been running since 2014, and has growing support from consumers, exporters, industry service providers and government departments.

“We have worked with all our stakeholders to ensure our program is highly relevant for customers and provides insightful access to the industry,” O’Shannassy said.

AGIC Australia will be held on Aug. 2-3, 2017, in Melbourne, Australia.

“AGIC Australia continues to grow and receive strong support from industry,” O’Shannassy said. “It’s a great opportunity for the industry to come together and discuss issues and gain some insights away from the day to day of the markets and managing the grain supply chain. Sometimes, it pays to step back and consider different perspectives and insights — which AGIC Australia offers.”

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