SOMERSET, KENTUCKY, US — Continental Refining Co. (CRC) on April 16 announced several significant updates to its operations, including a new strategic partnership, reinforcing its commitment to expanding and enhancing its soy product line and distribution methods.

Starting June, CRC will begin shipping soymeal by rail. This development comes as CRC partners with Warner Fertilizer Co. to expand the use of its existing rail siding in Somerset, enabling rail to become a key distribution channel for CRC’s soybean products, the company said.

The Somerset, Kentucky-based company also said it is increasing its soybean processing capacity by 30% and introducing an additional soybean meal production line.

“This is achieved through a new partnership with Insta-Pro International, allowinoilg for the production of ExPress Soybean Meal and Oil at our facility,” CRC said. “This initiative broadens our soybean meal offerings and also provides customers with a greater variety of product options, including our well-established UltraBlend Soybean Meal and the newly added ExPress Meal.”

In addition, CRC said it has fully commissioned its oil degumming operations for producing high-quality soybean oil and is introducing crude soy lecithin into the market.

The facility’s operations will be capable of processing 430 tons of soybeans daily into 335 tons of high-protein soybean meal, 68 tons of soybean oil, and 21 tons of loose hulls, all crucial ingredients for livestock and poultry feed. With these enhancements, CRC said it can now process nearly 5 million bushels of soybeans annually (141,000 tons) into vegetable oil and feed products, including biodiesel production anticipated to reach up to 3 million gallons per year.

CRC noted that the demand for soybean meal, oil and hulls in the central Kentucky area is significant, with an estimated annual need of around 250,000 tons, and a market that extends into Tennessee, Ohio and Indiana. CRC’s strategic expansion into soybean processing is designed to optimize production efficiency and sustainability, ultimately benefiting the company’s product quality and community relations.