OMAHA, NEBRASKA, US — White River Soy Processing, LLC was chosen by the North Platte Chamber & Development Corp. to develop an oilseed processing plant near Hershey, Nebraska, US.

The plant will anchor the Hershey Rail Park, a 300-acre industrial rail park about eight miles west of North Platte, Nebraska, US, on the western side of the state. The Chamber said it spent several months studying the feasibility of building an oilseed crushing plant in the region. 

“We have an ideal Midwestern location with an emerging industrial rail park and inland port authority, agriculture producers committed to the concept, and we can offer an incentive package that makes the project very attractive for investors,” said Gary Person, president and chief executive officer of the Chamber. “We are excited about our partnership with White River and have full confidence in their experienced team of professionals that will drive this project to a success as the anchor in our business park.”

White River, headquartered in Omaha, Nebraska, US, develops and operates oilseed processing facilities in the United States. The company is supported by agricultural-focused investors, and its team has experience in grain processing, from plant operations to risk management and finance.

“Following the selection of White River for the exclusive development of this project, we are now focused on completing the capital raise,” said Walter Cronin, co-founder and president of White River Soy Processing. “The support from our investors and partners has been instrumental to our progress and will continue to play a crucial role in bringing this great opportunity to fruition.”

The project, which was announced in early December, has received support from Nebraska Governor Jim Pillen, Union Pacific Railroad, the Nebraska Legislature, Lincoln County Commissioners, village of Hershey, city of North Platte, Greenbrier Rail Services, various utility partners, and local landowners.

In 2022, Nebraska farmers planted 5.65 million acres to soybeans and harvested 276.85 million bushels, according to the US Department of Agriculture.

“An oilseed processing plant at the Hershey Rail Park is a great opportunity for Nebraska’s soybean farmers and livestock producers,” Pillen said. “The site is also well positioned to contribute significantly to the economic growth of North Platte, Hershey and surrounding communities, and further positions our state as an agricultural leader.”