PARIS, FRANCE — Malteries Soufflet, the second largest operator in the global malt industry, announced on Nov. 15 that it has completed the acquisition of 100% of United Malt Group Ltd. (United Malt), the fourth leading global maltster, for A$1.5 billion following clearance from relevant regulatory authorities, and prior approval by both United Malt’s shareholders and the Federal Court of Australia.

United Malt serves the craft brewing sector, supported by a distribution network of 21 warehouses and international craft distribution partnerships. Its customer base is diversified by product, end-market and geography, and comprises a wide range of customers, including global brewers, craft brewers, distillers and food companies.

Given the complementary profiles of Malteries Soufflet, a subsidiary of leading European agricultural group InVivo Group, and United Malt, the company said the newly created global platform will offer its customers increased resources and support their own ambitions for growth through a presence across all key markets — Europe, North America, Latin America, Africa and Asia — providing a global reach with 41 facilities in 20 countries.

This will enable the new entity to take advantage of the expansion of the international malt market and meet increasingly specific customer demands in terms of malt quality (standard and special), carbon footprint reduction and more ambitious sustainability commitments.

The combined company is now ideally positioned to continue the deployment of its ambitious sustainability roadmap, supported by increased R&D capabilities and a focus on cutting-edge innovation, as to better serve its customers globally. It aims to further develop sustainable, local, low-carbon, positive-impact barley-malt production chains throughout the world, and to offer products that meet the most demanding specifications and the needs of each of its customers — major brewers, craft brewers, distillers and ingredient producers.

InVivo said its strategic partners in Malteries Soufflet — KKR, Bpifrance and Crédit Agricole Group — have provided funding of €550 million for the acquisition of United Malt. This follows an initial combined investment of €440 million in December 2021 to support InVivo’s acquisition of Malteries Soufflet, and with a clear vision to accelerate growth and strengthen its global leading position.

“I am thrilled that we have completed the acquisition of United Malt Group, together with our strategic partners, KKR, Bpifrance and Crédit Agricole Group,” said Thierry Blandinières, chairman of Malteries Soufflet and chief executive officer of InVivo Group. “This illustrates InVivo Group’s commitment to making malt one of the central pillars of our business by strengthening the position of Malteries Soufflet as a world leader in the sector.”