RÍO DEL VALLE, ARGENTINA — Louis Dreyfus Company’s (LDC) first grains and oilseeds warehouse in northwestern Argentina has begun operations this month. Located in Río del Valle, Salta province, the new site is expected to streamline logistics for local farmers by facilitating rail transport of their harvest to the country’s main port complexes.

With a static capacity of 2,000 tonnes in silos and additional storage capacity of 70,000 tonnes in silo bags, the new facility will be able to receive and condition different grains and oilseeds throughout the year. Locally sourced products headed to agro-industrial and port complexes in Gran Rosario, Santa Fe province, will benefit from the facility’s rail connection to the Belgrano Norte line.

LDC announced the purchase of the warehouse facility in November 2022. The company said then that enhancements made to the site before it was to begin operations would include the deployment of a dust collection system, expansion of internal grain transportation processes and construction of a train loading silo and truck unloading area, among others.

The acquisition included a sales team whose extensive experience in the region, combined with LDC’s existing network and capabilities, will offer a full range of commercial services, agricultural inputs and logistic solutions.

“This acquisition represents an important milestone for LDC’s growth strategy in Argentina, especially in the north, where investments began in 2021 with the expansion works and rail network construction for our Campo Largo warehouse in Chaco province,” Daniel Giuliano, warehouse manager, South and West Latam, for LDC, said when the purchase was announced. “The new Río del Valle warehouse will allow us to originate in a region with enormous potential to produce large volumes of corn and high-quality soybeans in terms of protein and lipid content, offering efficient logistics that reduce costs for local farmers.”

Based in Rotterdam, Netherlands, LDC has been active in Argentina for more than 120 years, developing diverse agro-industrial activities. The company operates two agro-industrial facilities in General Lagos and Timbúes and a port complex in Bahía Blanca. It also has commercial offices, grains and oilseeds warehouses and a cotton ginning plant in 24 locations across the country’s main agricultural regions.