CAIRO, EGYPT — Egypt has taken a step toward strengthening its food security through a grant agreement worth 40 million euros ($43.8 million) it has signed with the European Union (EU) to be implemented by the Italian Agency of Development Cooperation (IADC).

Egypt’s Ministry of Agriculture will work with the IADC to support grain production by increasing access to certified seeds, particularly wheat and corn, and agricultural mechanization, an effort valued at 25 million euros. The IADC also will cooperate with the Ministry of Supply to build field silos and an information control system for the handling and storge of wheat that is valued at 15 million euros.

This funding for Egypt, the third-largest nation in Africa with about 109 million people, comes within the framework of the “EU-KAFI Contribution Agreement Under the EU Food Facility” program, funded by a grant of 100 million euros. Discussions regarding future projects to be funded by the remaining 60 million euros are ongoing.

Dr. Rania A. Al-Mashat, Egypt’s minister of International Cooperation, said the government of Egypt’s aim is to strengthen its food security — grain production, increased grain storage capacity and climate resilience — through multilateral and bilateral development partners, especially in light of import challenges caused by the Russia-Ukraine war.

Christian Berger, EU ambassador to Egypt said, “Today, we sign a large part under our Food and Resilience Facility to increase food security through enhanced production. The EU is standing with Egypt in these challenging times.”