PERTH, AUSTRALIA — Western Australia cooperative CBH Group moved 1.85 million tonnes of grain in February, surpassing the previous best of 1.7 million tonnes in February 2019.

The Albany, Esperance and Kwinana grain terminals all set records for February:

  • Albany shipped 416,000 tonnes (previous best of 394,000 tonnes in 2022)
  • Esperance shipped 389,000 tonnes (378,000 tonnes in 2017)
  • Kwinana shipped 771,000 tonnes (712,000 tonnes in 2014)

CBH moved 965,000 tonnes via its road network, inclusive of depot moves, surpassing the previous record of 953,000 tonnes set in February 2017. Rail outloading also continues to perform strongly and is well above the previous five-year February average, CBH said.

“I want to thank everyone involved for playing their part in the continued strong shipping, road and rail performance, as we continue to move two back-to-back record harvests through our supply chain,” said Mick Daw, chief operations officer at CBH. “Most importantly, we are doing it safely, which is at the forefront of everything we do. In challenging environments this is critical, and I thank everyone involved in the supply chain for doing their part to put safety first.”

CBH Group is Australia’s largest cooperative and a leader in the Australian grain industry, with fertilizer to grain storage, handling, transport, marketing and processing operations. CBH Group has a network of more than 100 grain receival sites across Western Australia and four export port terminals.

“With a new record of 22.7 million tonnes delivered to the CBH network this harvest, we are starting an extensive outloading program, and want to maintain this performance as we move closer to sustainably hitting our first horizon target of 2 million tonnes per month by 2024,” Daw said.