AUSTIN, TEXAS, US — A strategic collaboration between Texas Crop Science (TCS), a developer of sustainable crop yield traits, and GDM Seeds Inc., a plant genetics company, will work to develop higher-yielding soybeans grown in a variety of weather- and climate-related conditions.

By incorporating TCS high-yielding technology into GDM’s soybean genetics using gene-editing and advanced plant breeding techniques, the collaboration aims to develop soybean varieties that deliver higher yields under global growing conditions that vary from ideal to stress-impacted. 

“Soybeans provide the foundation of the world’s protein supply, and the twin challenges of global demand for protein and climate instability create stress on the soybean production system,” said Simon Hiebert, chief executive officer at TCS. “Bringing together TCS’s groundbreaking yield trait technology and GDM’s world-leading position in plant genetic innovation and development results in a powerful combination to create a stream of soybean products that will benefit farmers with increased and climate-stable yields, while also benefiting consumers through increased global food security and reduced environmental impact.”

TCS, headquartered in Austin, Texas, US, is focused on creating technologies and products that add value for farmers while also benefiting the environment and consumers. High-yielding technology from TCS has been under development for more than a decade and proven to increase soybean yields by up to 34% through more than 70 intensive field trials carried out over seven years and nine growing seasons at locations in North and South America. 

Based in Buenos Aires, Argentina, with its US headquarters in Champaign, Illinois, US, GDM is focused on researching, developing and marketing products with intellectual property from an extensive lineup of crops. In 2022, 40% of planted soybean acres in the world contained GDM genetics.

“We are excited about our partnership with TCS,” said André Beló, new breeding techniques global manager at GDM. “GDM’s focus on bringing the best high-yielding varieties to the market and thus sustainably contributing to productivity fits with a collaboration with TCS, which strives to address global issues such as food security and a clean environment. We are looking forward to the results of this collaboration.”