MONTREAL, QUEBEC, CANADA — Canadian National Railway (CN) moved a monthly record 2.4 million tonnes of Western Canadian grain on its network in February, exceeding the previous mark set in February 2021 by over 200,000 tonnes.

CN attributed February’s record to increased collaboration between supply chain partners, enabling strong performance through operational challenges, including periods of extreme cold.

“Improved communications between CN, our customers and supply chain partners have made our grain supply chain a success in February,” said Sandra Ellis, vice president, Bulk – Rail Centric Supply Chain at CN. “When each of us has a better understanding of what our partners are dealing with, we can adjust our individual operations to work through disruptions when they occur. That type of collaboration leads to higher levels of performance across the entire supply chain. It also sets a new benchmark for all of us to strive for as we work through the rest of this winter.”

Ed Harris, executive vice president and chief operating officer at CN, said reducing delays and disruptions puts capacity back into the CN network to support customers’ shipping needs.

“Our team of railroaders has done an excellent job executing our Winter Plan,” Harris said. “Their focus on keeping mainline traffic moving, making sure trains run on time and ensuring we have the infrastructure and fleet in place to support that plan continues to pay off.”