MONTREAL, QUEBEC, CANADA — Canadian National Railway (CN) moved 620,000 tonnes of grain and processed grain products from western Canada during the week of Dec. 4 (week 19 of the 2022-23 crop year), surpassing its winter supply chain capacity target of 595,000 tonnes, the railroad said on Dec. 19.

CN said it has moved 10.9 million tonnes of western Canadian bulk grain and processed grain products through week 19 of the crop year, which is 7% higher than the three-year average of 10.2 million tonnes, and 33% above last year’s 8.2 million tonnes.

For week 19, CN planned 6,217 bulk hopper cars, representing over 100% of the maximum end-to-end sustainable grain supply chain capacity. CN supplied 90% of planned CN hopper cars within the week requested and 93% within 24 to 72 hours of the end of the want week.