BRUSSELS, BELGIUM — Technology-led data, analytics and market insights firm Kpler has expanded its offering to agricultural commodities with Grains & Oilseeds Flows, which brings real-time visibility on 90% of the global seaborne trade across more than 17 food and feed commodities, including wheat, corn, barley, soybeans and soybean meal. 

In its Sept. 21 announcement, Kpler said the new data offering is aimed at analysts, traders, procurement managers and policymakers who need real-time data to support their market monitoring and trading decisions. Recent supply disruptions, such as the war in Ukraine and global inflation, coupled with the need to track resilience of the food security supply chain are key drivers for these new Kpler Flows. 

Since 2014, Brussels, Belgium-based Kpler has pioneered the use of data technologies to bring real-time transparency on the commodity global supply chains, starting with seaborn flows. Blending hundreds of sources including satellite imagery, AIS and ground intelligence, Kpler Flows provide real-time data and analytics across dozens of commodities. 

Grains & Oilseeds Flows are the latest addition to Kpler Dry Bulk Flows (Coal, Iron Ore and Metals). Along with the recent launch of Biofuels and Chemicals, which include biodiesel and vegetable oils, Kpler strives to provide a one-stop solution to facilitate the understanding and forecasting of global supply and demand across the entire agricultural complex. 

“We have seen in recent years the commodity market convergence breaking down silos,” said François Cazor, chief executive officer of Kpler. “The turmoil in energy markets is filtering through to food commodities, ramping up fertilizer prices and agricultural fuels to unprecedented levels. Simultaneously, supply chain dislocation coupled with a surge in protectionist measures have added another layer of uncertainty to global food security. In this context, we look forward to bringing essential data to stakeholders across the supply chain that help address vital challenges. This is part of Kpler’s mission to facilitate efficient and sustainable trade.”

Kpler Grains & Oilseeds Flows can be accessed by users starting Sept. 21.