STORM LAKE, IOWA, US — Tyson Foods Inc. announced on Aug. 17 that it finished a $50 million feed mill to supplement its turkey operations in Storm Lake, Iowa.

The new facility adds 69 acres to the company’s existing turkey complex, which includes grow-out facilities, a research firm and a processing plant.

“The feed mill will be a critical piece to our business operations, and we look forward to seeing its impact across the United States and right here in Iowa,” said Noelle O’Mara, group president of prepared foods at Tyson Foods.  

Tyson uses corn and soybean meal from about 70 farmers within a 60-mile radius of Storm Lake to supply feed for the turkeys at its operations.

“The feed mill investment is critical to Storm Lake’s operations allowing team members to use the latest technology to manufacture ideal formulated feed that consistently meets nutrient and quality requirements for optimal turkey health,” Tyson said.

The company added that the mill would help support the growth of the Jimmy Dean, Hillshire Farm, State Fair and Ball Park products.

More than 3,000 Tyson employees work at its facilities in Storm Lake. In Iowa, the company has more than 11,000 workers.