SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA — The strained supply chain and other issues important to the grain industry were discussed at the 49th annual Australian Grain Storage & Protection Conference.

During the event, held June 15-16, more than 30 speakers and industry experts provided detailed information to more than 160 delegates on a range of communication and extension activities and research conducted and supported by various industry organizations.

National Working Party on Grain Protection (NWPGP) Chair Gerard said the conference “is an important occasion and event in the calendar of the grain industry and supports the objective of science combined with stewardship within the supply chain to enhance the reputation of the Australian grain industry as a provider of a quality and safe product.”

Grain Trade Australia’s (GTA) deputy chair, Michelle Kerr, opened the conference welcoming delegates and noted in 2022 the Australian grain supply chain has been under significant pressure with all export shipping-based supply chains at capacity.

“When a supply chain is under stress this is the perfect time to consider and perform a risk assessment into the intricacies of grain hygiene, chemical residues and fumigation,” Kerr said. “The industry and supply chain whilst operating to capacity will remain under increased scrutiny; and that food safety and ethics are now increasingly under the spotlight.

“It is important to be aware the world is watching what we do and what safeguards are in place, which is why events like the Australian Grain Storage and Protection Conference are so important”.

Other issues examined during the conference included:

  • Discussion and support for cross-sector and government engagement and input into the stewardship of the industry use of grain protectants and fumigants throughout the grain supply chain.
  • The role of government in regulating the use of agricultural chemicals and the current review into the Agricultural and Veterinary Chemical Regulations.
  • An update from industry and the government on the progress of the joint development of voluntary standards applicable to all grain storage facilities and operators to facilitate innovation and to support the reputation of the Australian grain supply chain in international markets.
  • A look at new technologies that are becoming available to the grain supply chain including flow chain image assessment technologies that allow real time grain quality assessment to support value-based decisions.