TAIPEI, TAIWAN — Taiwan imported 1,200 tonnes of US-produced long grain jasmine rice in 2021, an uptick in sales supported by a research report shared with importers and favorable bid prices compared to Asian rice, US rice industry advocate USA Rice said.

The USA Rice-funded report, which the group said demonstrated the high-quality cooking characteristics of US rice, covered six varieties of US short, medium, and long grain rice, including Calhikari, Calmochi, and Calrose from California, and southern medium and long grain, and jasmine rice. 

Favorable feedback on initial sales of US long grain jasmine rice from customers of Taiwan importers led to the improved numbers in 2021, with one importer selling on the wholesale market, and the other selling mainly to specialty grocery stores targeting Southeast Asian consumers, USA Rice said.

US rice exports to Taiwan totaled 58,240 tonnes, valued at $37.3 million in 2021, compared with 62,000 tonnes valued at $35 million in 2020.