KATY, TEXAS, US — The Rice Market & Technology Convention, scheduled for May 31 to June 2 in Cancun, Mexico, is seeing surging interest due to market conditions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic and current world events, according to the US Rice Producers Association, the convention’s producer.

The convention, representing 35 countries, rice farmers, millers, researchers and other allied industry members, has seen a large early registration from companies not only from throughout the Western Hemisphere, but also from other corners of the rice world marketplace. 

“The list of companies already registered at this time is extremely impressive and includes numerous major and well-known businesses,” said Marcela Garcia, president and chief executive officer of the US Rice Producers Association. “It is obvious the rice trade wants to connect and network about the ongoing market situations.”

A special seminar titled “Follow the Money – Closing the Rice Milling Profitability Circle,” sponsored by Superbrix and Applied Milling Systems and featuring the highly regarded milling engineer Norris Bond, will take place on May 31, just prior to the conference opening reception.

The conference features speakers on a variety of subjects, beginning with economist Dennis DeLaughter with his presentation titled, “The Law of Unintended Consequences: Embracing Change.” Other speakers will address sustainability and retail markets, rice grain quality, Central American market developments, and the impacts of higher agricultural input values and competitive pricing on the rice sector, among other topics.

Visit ricemtconvention.com to learn more and register for the event.