ST. LOUIS, MISSOURI, US – Food technology company Benson Hill has launched TruVail, a line of domestically sourced non-GMO, plant-based protein ingredients. Initial offerings include high-protein soy flour, soy protein concentrate and texturized proteins for use in traditional soy protein applications as well as plant-based protein alternatives.

The ingredients are sourced from Benson Hill’s proprietary ultra-high protein soybeans. The ingredients, being less processed, are a more sustainable alternative to commodity soy protein concentrate, according to Benson Hill. They may require 70% less water and 50% less carbon dioxide to produce than commodity soy protein concentrate.

“Better ingredients start with better beans,” said Bruce Bennett, president of Benson Hill’s ingredients business. “Whereas food manufacturers are usually relegated to use whatever limited ingredients the commodity system has to offer, TruVail ingredients are sourced from soybeans specifically designed with consumer interests in mind.”