WASHINGTON, DC, US — GrainPro Inc., which offers post-harvest handling and storage solutions for agricultural commodities like maize and other grains, announced on Dec. 1 the appointment of Suma Reddy and C.D. Glin to its board of directors.

“Both Suma and C.D. bring an energy and excitement to our board with their tech-savvy, results-driven, deep-field experience in addressing our most challenging social and environmental issues,” said Jordan Dey, chief executive officer of GrainPro. “We look forward to building the future of GrainPro with their insight and guidance.”

Reddy is the co-founder and CEO of Future Acres, an agricultural robotics company whose mission is to help carry farms into a sustainable future. She also founded and served as chief operating officer of Farmshelf and is currently an advisory board member of Scale for ClimateTech and on the teaching faculty of the School of Visual Arts in New York.

“Arguably — or perhaps inarguably — the most important profession that exists is growing food to sustain humanity,” Reddy said. “It feels like such a blessing to serve as a director because GrainPro is working with smallholder farmers. It’s all part of this larger ecosystem and the infrastructure challenges that need to be tackled. I’m incredibly honored, grateful, and excited to be part of this community.”

Glin is vice president, global head of philanthropy for the PepsiCo Foundation, where he drives progress to a more sustainable food system and leads the foundation’s global engagement around nutrition, water and economic resilience. Giln was also president and CEO of the US African Development Foundation (USADF) and the associate director at The Rockefeller Foundation in Nairobi, Kenya. While there, he led YieldWise, a $130 million effort to improve incomes and create jobs for smallholder farmers by reducing post-harvest crop loss and promoting sustainable sourcing in agriculture value chains.

“GrainPro is focusing on reducing post-harvest losses for small farmers globally,” Glin said. “There is no mission closer to my heart than working toward eliminating hunger.”

GrainPro manufactures post-harvest management systems suitable for organic, chemical-free storage, solar-drying, and transporting of dry agricultural commodities worldwide. GrainPro said its patented air-tight technology ensures that valuable commodities are handled in a moisture-protected, insect-free, and mold-free environment and can maintain quality, taste and nutritional value of dried food for years.