GOODLAND, KANSAS, US — Scoular announced on Sept. 27 that is has purchased a grain handling and processing facility from Archer Daniels Midland Co. near Goodland, Kansas.

The facility, located 5 miles west of Goodland in northwestern Kansas, has a storage capacity of more than 5.5 million bushels of grain and is capable of loading and unloading trucks, as well as railcars. The facility complements the nearby Scoular grain handling facility in the town of Goodland.

The company said it also enhances Scoular’s network throughout western Kansas and its ability to bring valued, grower-produced products to animal feeding, ethanol producers, flour millers and export customers throughout its supply chain.

“Our new facility gives farmers in western Kansas an efficient place to offload grain, saving them time and money,” said Jeff Bhend, a Scoular manager who oversees both Scoular facilities. “We purchased this facility with our farmers in mind and are proud we can serve them even better, especially during the busy harvest time.”

The facility had been operating as a canola and sunflower crush plant. Under Scoular’s ownership, the facility is handling corn, wheat and milo.

Scoular said it plans to upgrade the facility by increasing dumping speeds and improving truck traffic flow and to hire additional employees.

The facility is located at the Caruso exit off Interstate 70.

Scoular is the 11th largest grain company in North America with more than 131 million bushels of storage, according to Sosland Publishing’s 2021 Grain & Milling Annual.