ROTTERDAM, NETHERLANDS — Louis Dreyfus Company BV (LDC) announced on Sept. 13 the creation of a dedicated Carbon Solutions team and platform (business line) to lead its decarbonization efforts.

The new development accelerates LDC’s trajectory toward its global goals and targets, in line with its commitment to sustainable business.

“This new addition to LDC’s portfolio of activities is the next step in our efforts to drive emissions reductions and carbon removal enhancements in food and agricultural supply chains, helping to meet the ambitious climate targets set by the international community,” said Margarita Louis-Dreyfus, chairperson of LDC. “I am confident that this step will facilitate and accelerate our transition to a low-carbon future, while generating sustainable business opportunities.”

LDC’s Carbon Solutions Platform will be an active participant in both compliance and voluntary carbon credits markets, and it will work closely with climate solutions experts like South Pole and all of LDC’s business lines to set science-based emissions reduction targets for the Group, the company said.

“To meet these targets, we will build an internal and external portfolio of projects to generate carbon offsets and lead emissions reduction efforts across LDC’s value chains, through actions such as use of renewable energies, regenerative agriculture, methane avoidance, carbon sequestration and energy efficiency enhancements,” said Michael Gelchie, chief executive officer of LDC.

LDC has named Nyame de Groot to lead its new Carbon Solutions Platform, starting Jan. 22, 2022, and based in Geneva, Switzerland. He joins LDC from Cargill, where he was senior business development manager for Carbon. He previously worked as vice president, global renewables for Koch Supply & Trading, as senior vice president, emissions and renewables at Gunvor, and in several positions, including vice president, emissions, at Essent Trading.

“Over 25 years of experience in global energy and commodities markets, and a career at the forefront of environmental and climate markets since inception, have shaped Nyame’s fervent interest in disruptive market developments, carbon mitigation projects and technologies focused on accelerating the journey to a net zero economy,” Gelchie said. “His experience and expertise, in combination with that of a team of senior professionals appointed from within and outside the group, will prove key to the success of our decarbonization efforts and open new horizons for fair and sustainable growth.”

Also joining LDC’s new Carbon Solutions Platform, both based in Switzerland, are Natalia Gorina, as commercial director, and Meinrad Bürer, as technical director.