ABERDEEN, SOUTH DAKOTA, US — Agtegra Cooperative is adding a new feed product to its portfolio. The Herreid feed mill in South Dakota, US, will produce around 5,000 tons of turkey feed annually.

The facility implemented a few changes to accommodate mixing another species’ feed in the mill. In addition to more load-out spouts for the dedicated turkey feed bins, a hand-add scale and other small measuring instruments were also installed to track feed ingredients. A larger addition included a system used in applying Sal-Curb, a formaldehyde product used to reduce bacteria when mixing turkey feed ingredients. Other small upgrades to the mill were made to comply with turkey feed milling regulations.

The addition to Herreid’s milling capabilities will nearly double the total feed volume produced per year at the location. 

Agtegra expects the expansion to impact more than just its feed business. 

“Livestock development creates more local demand for corn and soybean meal,” said Scott Kilber, feed division manager of Agtegra. “It also creates jobs and opportunities for our kids to stay here in South Dakota.

“We continue to look for opportunities to support livestock development in our area because of the impact the agriculture industry has on every aspect of our lives. Every mouth we can feed here has a ripple effect on overall growth for our cooperative, community, county and state.”

Agtegra is a farmer-owned grain and agronomy cooperative with more than 6,300 active member-owners in eastern North and South Dakota. In addition to offering grain and agronomy services, Agtegra offers its members aerial application services, fuel, feed, and precision ag hardware and software products and services.