SINGAPORE — The Scoular Co. has invested heavily in the Asia-Pacific region during the past year and the US-based company says it will continue to look for opportunities in this fast-growing region.

“Our team in Asia has the local knowledge and relationships to deliver reliable solutions for our customers,” said Adrian Gasparian, Scoular’s vice president and managing director for Asia-Pacific, based in Singapore. “We’re built to grow, and I’m excited for what’s possible for Scoular and our customers in this dynamic region.”

During the past year Scoular has invested in a trade and regional support team in Singapore and expanded its distribution capabilities in Indonesia and Myanmar, extending the company’s supply chain further into the region.

Scoular’s four key investments in Asia to date are:
• Building a trade team in Singapore to support intra-Asia trading for Scoular’s food and feed ingredients. The team is based in a newly opened office in Singapore that also is home to Scoular’s Asia headquarters and regional support teams.

• Launching a soybean distribution program in Indonesia, completing Scoular’s end-to-end supply chain connecting US yellow soybean producers to Eastern Java tempeh and tofu manufacturers. Scoular began operating soybean cleaning facilities in Surabaya and Semarang, Indonesia, in February and March, respectively.

• Launching feedstuffs distribution in growing regional markets in Indonesia and Myanmar, providing customers with just-in-time inventory and local delivery options.

• Establishing a value-add fishmeal facility in Myanmar that will supply customers in Asia with consistent quality and just-in-time delivery. The facility is expected to be fully commissioned in the coming months.
Scoular, headquartered in Omaha, Nebraska, US, has been selling to Asian food and feed customers for more than 25 years and is a supplier of soybeans to the region and fishmeal worldwide.

In 2019, the company hired Gasparian to lead its Asia expansion.

Privately-owned Scoular has more than 100 grain storage and processing facilities in the United States and Asia. It is the 11th largest grain company in the United States, as measured by grain-storage capacity. According to the2020 Grain & Milling Annualpublished by Sosland Publishing Co., Scoular has 131 million bushels of storage capacity in the United States.