SACRAMENTO, CALIFORNIA, US — Pacific Ethanol, Inc., a producer of specialty alcohols and ingredients, has changed its corporate name to Alto Ingredients, Inc.

The company’s name change will be reflected on The Nasdaq Stock Market on Jan. 14, and the company’s stock will begin trading under a new ticker symbol, ALTO, starting Feb. 1.

“We have chosen our new corporate name and brand to represent our many high-quality products, which our customers incorporate into a range of vital finished goods that touch people’s everyday lives, from cleaning solutions to pharmaceuticals,” said Mike Kandris, chief executive of Alto Ingredients. “We are capitalizing on our unique capability to manufacture high-grade alcohols for the food, beverage, health, and ingredients markets, and to process corn into high protein feed, pet food, and renewable fuel.

“As we move forward under our new Alto Ingredients brand, we remain committed to our goal of delivering the highest levels of integrity, purity, and quality to create value for our customers, partners, and shareholders.”