OMAHA, NEBRASKA, US — Scoular along with partners will donate a $400 bonus to more than 100 Omaha, Nebraska, US, teachers to recognize their critical role during the pandemic.

Along with Scoular, Omaha companies Buildertrend and Home Instead, an anonymous corporate donor, as well as an anonymous individual donor, donated a total of $50,000 to provide the year-end bonuses.

“Teachers are crucial in helping our communities and families to navigate the pandemic successfully,” said Megan Belcher, senior vice president and general counsel and a Scoular foundation trustee. “Scoular employees recognize and appreciate the complexities educators face during the current disruption and want to extend our deep gratitude to them for lifting up youth and their caregivers during these unprecedented times. This type of giving is also a core pillar of our growing sustainability program as we continue to expand our deep history of community engagement.”

The bonuses will support 115 teachers who primarily serve at-risk students and work for one of three organizations: the Omaha Street School, the NorthStar Foundation and the CUES School System. CUES assists Sacred Heart, All Saints and Holy Name Catholic Schools.

Scoular decided to pursue the donation project to teachers because the company values stewardship and supporting the communities in which its employees work and live, with particular recognition for the impact of the pandemic.

“Home Instead strives to demonstrate compassion by supporting families,” said Erin Albers, vice president of social purpose for Home Instead. “What better way to demonstrate compassion than to provide extra support to those dedicated to expanding educational opportunities for children and their families.”