MINNEAPOLIS, MINNESOTA, US — The Grain Elevator and Processing Society (GEAPS) will offer four online courses in January 2021 focused on operations, management and maintenance. Each course takes about 10 hours to complete.

The courses will be held Jan. 12 through Feb. 16, 2021. Registration is now open for the courses.

The GEAPS 500: Introduction to Grain Handling Operations course offers an introduction to the key purposes, equipment and processes of grain handling facilities with an emphasis on safety. This course allows new employees and non-operations staff to gain valuable insight into the industry.

The GEAPS 501: Management Basics for Grain Facility Supervisors course provides an extensive overview of the main duties, responsibilities and expectations of grain operations supervisors and managers. It explains essential duties, topics and roles supervisors and managers need to understand and why they are important.

The GEAPS 550: Materials Handling I course is the first in a three-part series and focuses on the properties and flow characteristics of grains and other dry bulk materials. Participants will be able to determine various material characteristics and their effect on the selection and sizing of bins, spouting and screw conveyors.

The GEAPS 554: Grain Elevator Equipment Maintenance course will allow participants to learn preventive maintenance techniques, where to look for problems and how to safely fix equipment used in everyday grain facilities operations. The course covers methodology and different types of equipment.

All four courses count toward credentials from GEAPS. For more information on the certification, visit the GEAPS credential website. For more information about the courses or to register, visit the GEAPS website.