KIEV, UKRAINE — Ukraine’s grain exports are down 15% through the first five months of the 2020-21 marketing year, according to the economy ministry.

Through Dec. 7, Ukraine had shipped 22.3 million tonnes so far this season, compared to 26.3 million during the same period last year.

The economy ministry said 6.1 million tonnes of corn have been exported, down from 8.6 million at this time last year, and wheat exports have declined from 13.8 million tonnes to 12.1 million tonnes.

Ukraine accounts for about 16% of global grain exports and sold about 57 million tonnes of grain to foreign buyers in the 2019-20 season.

The country has used nearly 70% of its wheat export quota for the 2020-21 marketing season, according to economy ministry.

One of the world’s leading wheat exporters, Ukraine exported 20.5 million tonnes of wheat in 2019-20, but a severe drought has led to a decline in this year’s crop.

To date, Ukraine has harvested 63.5 million tonnes of grain from 15.1 million hectares, which represents 99% of the sown area, according to the economy ministry.

The ministry also reported that Ukrainian farmers had sown 8.06 million hectares of winter grain for the 2021 harvest, equating to 98% of the expected area. It included 6.1 million hectares of wheat and 954,700 hectares of barley.

Ukraine has said the 2020 grain crop could decrease to 65 million tonnes from a record 75 million tonnes in 2019.