CALGARY, ALBERTA, CANADA — Canadian Pacific (CP) set a monthly record for shipping grain and grain products in October 2020.

CP moved 3.04 million tonnes during the month and it was the first time it had surpassed 3 million tonnes. This exceeds the previous monthly record, set in April 2020, by 6.9%. It also betters the previous October record of 2.66 million tonnes, set in 2019, by 14.2%.

“CP's customers are managing strong and healthy supply chains to the ports, where new and expanded terminal capacity is facilitating very strong flows of grain,” said Joan Hardy, vice-president of sales and marketing grain and fertilizers for CP. “The CP family of railroaders ensured our customers and farmers received strong service through harvest and in turn created robust performance across the network to continue setting grain-shipping records.”

The Canadian rail company recently surpassed its grain shipping record in the third quarter of 2020. CP moved 7.72 million tonnes, up 10.8% compared with the previous third quarter record of 6.97 million tonnes moved in 2014.

“CP's record-setting performance has enabled us to support the investments we have made in our grain-handling network, which includes port terminals on the east and west coasts,” said Darwin Sobkow, chief operations officer of Richardson International. “This impressive performance is achieved at the time of year when grain movement is critical to all participants in the value chain, including farmers and international customers. CP has been able to respond to global demand for Canadian agricultural products, and through our collaborated efforts, has allowed us to set some monthly records of our own.”