CAIRO, EGYPT — Egypt’s wheat and corn production is set to rise on increased demand and government incentive, according to a Global Agricultural Information Network (GAIN) report from the US Department of Agriculture (USDA).

The USDA estimates Egypt’s market year 2020-21 wheat production to reach 8.9 million tonnes, up 1.5% from the previous year. The Egyptian governments lowered wheat seed price and encouragement accounts for the country’s increased wheat production.

Increased demand in the food, seed and industrial use (FSI) consumption did raise the USDA’s forecast wheat consumption to 20.8 million tonnes for the 2020-21 marketing year. The USDA attributes the jump in FSI demand to population growth.

Wheat imports for the country also increased to 12.9 million tonnes in market year 2020-21 compared to 12.7 million tonnes in the same period a year ago. The USDA’s original wheat import forecast of 13.3 million tonnes for market year 2020-21 was driven down by the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic lessening demand in the hotels and restaurant sectors.

Egypt’s corn imports for market year 2020-21 are expected to total 11 million tonnes, up from 10.5 million tonnes in the previous year. Egypt’s corn imports are supplementing the feed manufacturing production as domestic corn production covers less than 25% of demand.

The USDA forecasts Egypt’s market year 2020-21 corn production at 6.4 million tonnes and expects the country’s consumption of the commodity to total 16.4 million tonnes.