BEIJING, CHINA — Cheap prices and increased production pushed China’s Brazilian soybean purchases to 8.18 million tonnes in July, Reuters reported.

The July 2020 imports surged ahead of July 2019, which totaled 6.42 million tonnes but were lower than the June record of 10.51 million tonnes imported from Brazil.

The country imported a total of 10.09 million tonnes of soybean overall as strong demand from the livestock sector continues, Reuters said.

Chinese purchases of US soybean were down in July 2020 compared to the previous year and month.

China imported 38,331 tonnes of US soybeans in July 2020, down from 911,888 tonnes in July 2019. The country’s June US soybean imports totaled 267,553 tonnes, Reuters said.

An increase of US soybean imports from China are expected in the fourth quarter.