MUSCATINE, IOWA, US — Kent Corp. is working with local non-profit partners to address food insecurity, being created by the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

In collaboration with the Salvation Army, United Way and MCSA, beginning April 29, the Kent Corp.’s in-house kitchen staff will prepare nearly 300 meals every Wednesday and Thursday to be distributed to food-insecure families and individuals in its hometown of Muscatine.

“Since the beginning of this COVID-19 Pandemic, Kent has been extra vigilant in keeping its employees healthy and facilities safe,” said Carol Reynolds, corporate spokesperson for the Kent Corp. “In addition, the company has looked for ways to combat the largest challenges our community is facing as a direct result of this coronavirus. Kent has the facility space and expertise to make large quantities of good food. It is a natural fit for us to provide our neighbors much-needed meals.”

In collaboration with the three organizations, Kent believes it will make a positive impact on residents who are food insecure.

“The ability of MCSA, Salvation Army and United Way, with the support of Kent Corp., to work openly together fills me with so much hope and pride — I truly love our community and all it is able to accomplish together,” said Scott Dahlke, director of MSCA. “With the selflessness of our local private partners as well as local non-profits, the MSCA is able to build the partnerships needed to help support our community through these difficult times.”

Meals made with care by Kent Corp. will be delivered to the Salvation Army to support ongoing, collaborative efforts to feed Muscatine residents in need.

“Many of the events for which the Kent in-house kitchen staff would have been cooking, have been canceled or postponed due to COVID-19,” Reynolds said. “Through our efforts to cook food for the community, Kent is able to give these employees work, it’s a win-win.”

Additionally, Kent Corp. is matching up to $25,000 of donations given through the Community Foundation of Greater Muscatine’s Community Continuity Fund.

Donations to this fund support the needs of Muscatine residents created by COVID-19 interruptions. To donate go to:

Kent Corp., headquartered in Muscatine, is a family-owned corporation with operating subsidiaries involved in corn wet milling, animal feed and the manufacture of food, beverage and pet products. It employs approximately 2,000 people in 40 locations across 20 states and seven countries.

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