MEDINA, NEW YORK, US — Western New York Energy (WNYE), a Medina, New York, US-based ethanol facility, has modified operations to supply distillers, manufacturing, technology and personal care corporations across the Northeast and Canada with ethanol to produce 80% antiseptic alcohol sanitizer amidst the COVID pandemic.

The plant is producing over 100,000 gallons a day of tech-grade ethanol for businesses that halted operations to meet sanitizer needs of hospitals and at-risk communities.

“Along with New York’s corn growers, WNY Energy has been proud to supply ethanol to the distilleries and companies that first responded to the alarming lack of sanitizer due to COVID-19,” said Tim Winters, president and chief executive officer of WNYE. “And while many upstream chemicals used in sanitizer products are manufactured in China, WNYE has also established a manufacturing and distribution network that will exponentially increase the production of antiseptic sanitizers made from our farmers’ corn.  

“All the sanitizer and sanitizer products will be made in Western New York and the United States. We could do none of this without support from farmers, our partners for the past 13 years.  Corn ethanol is the key ingredient in making 80% antiseptic sanitizer.  Farmers are as essential to WNYE’s operation as they are to America’s food supply — their contributions sustain this nation.”

Winters and 50 employees produce ethanol 24/7 using hydroelectric power from Niagara Falls. The renewable energy reduces the GHG footprint for every gallon, earning WNYE an EP3 designation from the US Environmental Protection Agency.

“WNY Energy is a respected industry partner and a critically important, reliable market for our corn growers,” said Colleen Klein, executive director of NY Corn and Soybean Growers Association. “In usual circumstances, our crop is used in the Medina facility to make clean, renewable fuel but these are not usual circumstances. We applaud WNYE’s ability to pivot and provide needed sanitation resources while maintaining the market for our growers during uncertain times.”

Locally owned and established in 2004, WYNE produces domestic, clean, renewable energy.

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