BLADEL, THE NETHERLANDS — The push for pet food and feed manufacturers to modernize their processing facilities is behind The Netherlands-based KSE Process Technology’s plans to expand the company’s presence in the US. KSE anticipates corporate mergers and acquisitions along with major technological innovations and automation will contribute to demand for the company’s expertise in the North American markets. 

‘’Many of the [US] factories date back to the 1950s and 1960s and are primarily designed for bulk production. In the meantime, KSE is seeing an increasing demand in the US for specific animal feeds that can be produced in small series,” said Dennis van Lankeren, head of North American sales at KSE. “The company therefore expects the American market to professionalize and innovate at an accelerated pace in the coming years. Large agrofood groups such as Nutreco are also becoming increasingly active in the US. This is a sign for us that substantial investments are in the pipeline.’’

KSE is a technology company with a wide range of dosing and weighing machines, automation solutions and services for the global pet food and feed industry.

To date, KSE’s four projects in North America — three in the US and one in Canada — illuminated regulatory hurdles and unique challenges such as requirements differing from state to state, but Van Lankeren said KSE is establishing a presence in the US and getting to know the market better.

“We have already stationed a service employee in Ohio and the St. Louis region may follow soon. We are also considering setting up a local sales office so that we are even closer to the market. And in the longer term, we may have to set up a local production facility,” Lankeren said.

KSE credits support from the Brabant Development Agency (BOM) in successfully making the step to North America. BOM has assisted KSE with establishing its American legal identity, meeting key business partners and developing a meaningful network in the US.

Founded in 1973, KSE Process Technology is a global player in the field of dosing and weighing systems for the animal feed industry. From flour to maize, salt, vitamins and minerals, animal feed can contain up to 50 raw materials. According to the company, KSE’s equipment, process lines and smart, future-proof software ensure that all ingredients end up in the finished product quickly and in the right dosage.

The family business in Bladel, The Netherlands, employs around 160 people, including 20 R&D specialists.