AMES, IOWA, U.S. — Land O’Lakes, Inc., in coordination with local co-ops Heartland Co-op, Landus Cooperative, and NEW Cooperative, donated three truckloads of Fareway drinking water to the residents Bagley, Iowa, U.S.

City of Bagley residents were provided with a drinking water health advisory in March 2019 and were encouraged to consume bottled water only. High levels of manganese were found in the local water supply, above that of the Environmental Protection Agency’s health recommendations.

“This is a great, collaborative effort, working with Land O’Lakes and the other cooperatives, in helping a local community in need,” said Dave Coppess, Heartland Co-op executive vice-president of sales and marketing.

The donation will assist 300 residents in attaining safe, bottled water for consumption. The first truckload of water was delivered Nov. 26, and shipments will continue as space comes available.

“Everyone at Landus Cooperative is proud to join with Land O’Lakes and our surrounding cooperatives to help the residents of Bagley during a difficult time,” said Tim Unruh, chief agronomy officer of Landus Cooperative.

Gary Moritz, NEW cooperative communications director, said, “We are happy to collaborate with our neighboring cooperatives and be a part of this donation to help out the residents of Bagley, especially with the holiday season approaching soon.”

Reynolds W. Cramer, president and chief executive officer of Fareway, added, “We are excited to assist the co-op partners in helping provide for safe, bottled drinking water.”

During elections on Nov. 5, the citizens of Bagley approved a franchise with Xenia Rural Water. Anticipated completion of water connection is summer of 2020.

“The citizens of Bagley are very appreciative and welcome the donation of water from the co-ops,” said Emily Chapman-Olesen, mayor of the city of Bagley. “Residents are currently using bottled water for both drinking and cooking.”