CALGARY, ALBERTA, CANADA –November 2018 was another strong month for the movement of Canadian grain for Canadian Pacific (CP).  The company has broken its previous record for carloads of Western Canadian grain and grain products shipped to the Port of Vancouver in a single month.  In November, more than 17,150 carloads of Canadian grain and grain products were shipped on CP to Vancouver, a total of 1.54 million tonnes.

"CP's operations team continues to deliver for our customers day after day. Vancouver is a key outlet for Canadian grain to move to export markets, and is a very important corridor for our customers," said Joan Hardy, CP vice-president Sales and Marketing – Grain and Fertilizers. "This record is a testament to the dedication we have to providing service to our customers, and showcases the incredible momentum we have as a company. Once again, our operating model is showing its power."

Last month CP announced that October 2018 was the company's best month ever for shipment of grain and grain products, moving 2.64 million tonnes to all destinations. Overall, CP's November grain and grain products shipments were very strong at 2.50 million tonnes. Since the fall harvest push started in September, CP has moved 2% more grain and grain products than the same period last year.

"Working in close collaboration with farmers, producers, ports and the entire grain supply chain, we continue to deliver for Canada's agriculture sector," said Hardy.