Analysts discuss approaches to covering flour in 2017-18


Outstanding feature in wheat futures in the past several weeks has been a hasty retreat from contract and even multi-year highs posted in early July.

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NSP board re-elects officers and members
Changes to the NSP board of directors are effective Oct. 1.
Survey: Americans will pay more for seafood that is sourced responsibly
Most respondents said where the seafood came from was important.
Viterra continues rail use on Eyre Peninsula
More than 725,000 tonnes of grain has been moved by rail on the Eyre Peninsula since Oct. 1.
E.U. works toward fair food supply chain
The European Commission invites farmers, citizens and other interested parties to share their views on food supply chain through until Nov. 17.
USGC: Exports of U.S. feed grains setting records
U.S. corn increased 36% year-over-year to 49.9 million tonnes, already exceeding export totals for the last five marketing years. 
Dupont acquires ag software company
Granular, Inc. provides software and analytics tools that help farms improve efficiency, profitability and sustainability.
Wheat Growers, NCFE members to vote on unification
Both cooperatives are based in South Dakota with a 7,500-member base if unified.
U.S. CPI for baked foods, cereals eases in July
Index for bread decreases 1.4% in month.

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