COFCO creates grain partnership with GROWMARK

COFCO Growmark

It includes joint ownership and operation of the barge, truck, and rail terminal at Cahokia, Illinois, U.S.

World Grain News
Russia’s harvest could surpass Soviet-era record
Wheat is estimated to reach historic level of 80.1 million tonnes.
Record amount of grain moved on CN network in 2016-17
Nearly 22 million tonnes of Canadian grain was transported by the rail company.
Olam establishes learning academy at new headquarters
Will serve as a forum for brainstorming critical business challenges that may impact the company.
Magnetic resonance used to evaluate food quality
Brazilian company develops method to perform physical and chemical analyses on a wide array of food products.
Regional Review: CIS countries' grain exports soaring
Russia is expected to be the world’s top wheat exporter for the second straight year.
Mexican trade team examines U.S. DDGS production with USGC
Mexico has purchased nearly 1.69 million tonnes so far in 2016-17, up 9% year-over-year.
U.S. Midwest cool temperatures slow crop stress
Recent broad-based cooling has changed the mindset of many traders.
U.S., Colombia expand rice agreement
A previous agreement in 2012 between both countries enabled exports of U.S. paddy rice to Colombia, but under strict and costly requirements.
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