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Cargill investing in plant protein

1/17/2018 - Forming joint venture with pea protein producer Puris.

GRDC invests in Australian grains research initiative

1/17/2018 - SAGI program includes the creation of four nodes to provide statistical science for research projects.

USW worries steel industry demands could disrupt trade, threaten national security

1/17/2018 - U.S. DOC submits section 232 investigation results.

U.S. CPI for baked foods, cereals declines in year

1/17/2018 - Prior to 2016, index had posted 5 consecutive years of gains.

E.U. looks to remove palm oil from biofuels

1/17/2018 - Draft measures say renewable fuel from food and feed crops can’t exceed 7% of all transport fuel.