Symaga adds new leadership in April 2018
Symaga announced several changes in leadership including, from left to right, David Recio, new technical director; Jose Maria Antona, new deputy director; Alberto Baena, new sales director; and Alfonso Garrido, new CEO. Photo courtesy of Symaga.
VILLARTA DE SAN JUAN, SPAIN — Symaga Group announced changes to its leadership, including the promotion of Alfonso Garrido to chief executive officer.

For the last six years, Garrido was in commercial management of Symaga Silos. Alberto Baena takes over that role. He was previously ASM Southeast Asia and ASM Latin America. The company has increased its sales and opened new markets in Japan and Korea.

Other appointments include Jose Maria Antona, deputy manager, and David Recio, technical director.

Symaga said it is in the midst of a major storage project which requires a state-of-the-art fully automated facility and capable team.