red wheat
WINNIPEG, MANITOBA, CANADA — Five varieties of Canadian wheat will be reassigned a different class after testing showed the gluten strength was too low to meet the expectations of customers of Canadian wheat.

The change is part of Canada’s ongoing efforts, which started in 2015, to modernize the nation’s wheat classes.

The Canada Western Red Spring wheat varieties will be reassigned to the Canada Northern Hard Red wheat class, the Canadian Grain Commission (CGC) said, effective Aug. 1, 2021.

The three-year public notice will give producers time to clear existing stocks and the opportunity to market the varieties while still assigned to the Canada Western Red Spring class.  The following varieties are being reassigned:

AAC Redwater

AC Domain



5605 HR CL

The decision to reassign these varieties is based on a thorough evaluation of data collected during trials conducted across the three prairie provinces over two crop years, the CGC said. Each of the varieties was assessed for gluten strength relative to established benchmarks for the Canada Western Red Spring wheat class, and it was determined that these varieties do not meet the necessary quality parameters to remain in their current class.

The CGC said it is committed to maintaining the quality of premium milling classes of wheat, such as Canada Western Red Spring.

Patti Miller CGC
Patti Miller, chief commissioner, CGC

“With these changes, the Canadian Grain Commission has taken steps to protect the reputation and performance of one of the most sought-after wheat classes on the market,” said Patti Miller, chief commissioner, CGC. “We have responded to concerns raised by our customers and this will ensure that Canada’s wheat industry maintains its reputation as a consistent supplier of high quality milling wheat.”

In January 2015, the CGC began implementing a plan to modernize Canada’s wheat classes, which includes the evaluation of the quality of individual varieties within certain wheat classes and reassignment of varieties that do not meet quality parameters for that class.

On Aug. 1, 29 varieties of wheat that do not meet the revised quality parameters for their current classes will be reassigned to the Canada Northern Hard Red class. The variety AC Crystal will be reassigned to the Canada Northern Hard Red effective Aug. 1, 2019.