KIEV, UKRAINE — Ukrainian farmers have sown 1.2 million hectares of early spring grains, or 51% of total area, according to an April 16 report from Reuters.

The report said farmers have sown 820,000 hectares of spring barley, 265,000 hectares of peas, 67,000 hectares of oats and 70,000 hectares of spring wheat.

Ukraine’s Ministry of Agriculture said farmers plan to sow 7.4 million hectares of spring grains this year, including about 4.6 million hectares of maize, 1.6 million hectares of barley, 412,000 hectares of peas, 200,000 hectares of oats and 182,000 hectares of wheat.

Ukraine, which last year produced 61.3 million tonnes of grain and is the world's third-largest grain exporter, said the area covered by spring and winter grains would exceed 14 million hectares this year.

The report noted that current weather conditions are favorable for both spring and winter crops.