BRUGES, BELGIUM — Understanding the impact of feed on animal health and welfare as key drivers for sustainable livestock production is the key objective of the 54th FEFAC Annual General Meeting, taking place on June 8 in Bruges, Belgium.

Key policy and decision makers from the European Commission, national and international governmental institutions (OIE, FAO) as well as from science and industry will share their perspective on the need to adapt the institutional framework both at regional and global level stimulating public and private sector cooperation for the development of new guidance on responsible livestock sector development.

FEFAC President Patrick Vanden Avenne invites experts from member associations, companies and stakeholder organizations to actively participate in the FEFAC Annual General Meeting highlighting that "the European feed industry is fully committed to support the responsible development of livestock production in the E.U. and at global level, thus contributing to global food security, while safeguarding animal health and welfare.”