Damietta Port in Egypt
Delegation from Nebulon recently met with representatives of Damietta Port.
Photo courtesy of Damietta Port Authority.
DAMIETTA PORT, EGYPT — Ukrainian grain trader Nebulon is considering investing in the river transport system at Damietta Port in Egypt, according to the Damietta Port Authority.

The Damietta Port Authority said a delegation from Nebulon recently visited the port to study the possibility of investing in transporting grain and establishing silos on the banks of the Nile River in coordination with Egypt’s River Transport Authority, the Ministry of Supply and Internal Trade and the Ministry of Irrigation.

The delegation conducted a field tour, inspecting the grain handling stations and other areas available for investment.

The Damietta Port Authority said the chairman of Nebulon praised the infrastructure of the port and river transport system and indicated that the company has sufficient experience to replicate the Ukrainian model of fluvial transport of grain in Damietta Port.