Kong Song Ivan Goh
Kong Song (Ivan) Goh

SINGAPORE — Kong Song (Ivan) Goh has joined U.S. Wheat Associates (USW) in its South Asian region office as biscuit, baking and noodle technologist, the USW announced.

Goh recently traveled to Thailand with USW’s veteran bakery consultant Roy Chung to analyze and compare wheat and flour quality from the United States and other countries.

“I have already seen that this organization is uniquely able to build a link between U.S. wheat farmers and their overseas buyers by providing market information and technical support to its customers,” Goh said.  “No other wheat supplier provides the same services in the South Asia region.”

Matt Weimar, USW regional vice-president, added, “We are pleased that Ivan can bring extensive experience in quality assurance and control to help flour mills, bakeries, cookie/cracker and confectionery processors better understand the quality, value and use of U.S. wheat flour. Ivan will soon join Roy Chung again to meet with milling and baking customers in Indonesia. It is just the start of what we know will be a long-term role supporting Roy and expanding technical support that helps differentiate U.S. wheat in this rapidly growing region.”

A Malaysian native who is fluent in several languages, Goh most recently held positions over five years in quality assurance and control, technical sales service and other functions with FFM Berhad (Federal Flour Mills) in West Port Klang, Malaysia.

He received a bachelor’s degree in food science and technology from University Putra in Malaysia and has taken USW-sponsored courses in Baking Science and Technology and Cookies and Cracker Technology at the UFM Baking School in Bangkok, Thailand. When Goh is not traveling for USW activities, he will work from his home base in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, and the USW South Asian Office in Singapore.

USW’s mission is to develop, maintain, and expand international markets to enhance wheat’s profitability for U.S. wheat producers and its value for their customers in more than 100 countries.