DECATUR, ALABAMA, U.S. — The Decatur, Alabama, U.S. flour mill of ConAgra Mills was out of operation the last few days of April because of power outages resulting from the deadly storms that pounded the Southeast.

Decatur is more than 100 miles northeast of Tuscaloosa, where the death toll from tornadoes was highest, but falls along a diagonal running from southern Mississippi well into Tennessee struck by dozens of twisters.

Bill Stoufer, president of ConAgra Mills, said the Decatur mill, which has daily capacity of 16,000 cwts, was not damaged by the storms. He said the plant’s employees have been accounted for and are safe. “We have avoided supply disruptions by shipping flour from other ConAgra mills,” Stoufer. “The ConAgra Mills team has reacted very well to a tragic situation and has plans to keep our customers running while the area recovers and rebuilds.” Stoufer said Decatur Utilities was not yet certain when power would be restored to the mill.