Depart Satake
ISTANBUL, TURKEY — Depart and Satake hosted the chairman and members of the Rice Millers Association at a meeting and dinner March 3 in Istanbul, Turkey.

Depart is now an official distributor of Satake products. Steve Matkin, area sales manager, and his team from Satake introduced its products to the rice millers during the meeting.

Cengiz Tiryakioglu, general manager of Depart, and Mucahid Odacil, area sales specialist, also made presentations.

At the dinner after the meeting, Satake senior executives met Birol Kocaman, who is the chairman of Rice Millers Association, and 30 association members.

Görkem Alapala, vice-chairman of Alapala, also attended this organization that strengthens the sectoral links between Turkey and Japan.