AMES, IOWA, U.S. — Landus Cooperative on March 20 received zoning approval from the Story County Board of Supervisors to build a new grain facility outside of Collins, Iowa, U.S.

According to an article in the Ames Tribune, the project, which will include grain bins, receiving pits, a scale and an office building, will cost about $13.7 million.

The facility will be Landus Cooperative’s third in the immediate area. The cooperative also has facilities in Collins, Iowa, and Maxwell, Iowa. The newest facility will be used as a “bunker” receiving and storage facility for grain.

According to the Grain & Milling Annual 2018, Landus Cooperative has 65 grain storage facilities, including 48 subterminal facilities, 16 country elevators and 1 processing plant. The cooperative’s total grain storage capacity is 174.1 million bushels.