CAMDEN, NEW JERSEY, U.S. — The Campbell Soup Co. has identified two commitments of interest to the global grains industry as part of its 2018 corporate responsibility report issued on March 1.

First, Campbell Soup said it plans to enroll 70,000 acres of wheat in a fertilizer optimization plan in the United States by the end of 2020.

“With Goldfish crackers, Milano cookies and many other baked goods in our portfolio, Campbell has identified wheat as a priority ingredient to source more sustainably,” the company said.

Campbell Soup said it has partnered with the Environmental Defense Fund (EDF) and Land O’Lakes’ SUSTAIN program to make fertilizer efficiency and soil health “the norm” in U.S. grain production. The company said doing so provides environmental benefits, but also helps improve farmers’ bottom lines.

According to Campbell Soup, the SUSTAIN program provides practical tools, products and practices that are available to farmers through Land O’Lakes’ network of agricultural retailers. SUSTAIN helps train farmers on ways to improve air, water and soil quality, while increasing yields, improving soil health and building resilience to unpredictable climate conditions. Using the power of this network, SUSTAIN hopes to eventually reach thousands of U.S. farmers working millions of acres of crops, tipping the balance in favor of more sustainable growing practices nationwide.

“Campbell is committed to optimizing fertilizer use on 70,000 acres of wheat and is deploying SUSTAIN in our Pepperidge Farm sourcing regions to help achieve this goal,” the company said.

Globally, Campbell Soup said it has just launched an initiative to source 50% (by volume) of plant-based priority ingredients from suppliers engaged in an approved sustainable agriculture program by fiscal 2025, as compared to fiscal 2017.

The full corporate responsibility report may be accessed here.